I was given details clearly explaining your services, their costs and the choices I have in paying for these services early in our discussions* 

I believe that I was given the opportunity to provide enough information for you to "get to know" me, my needs and objectives* 

I discussed and agreed whether the advice I received covers ALL possible needs, or is limited to particular areas, which I chose* 

You told me about any limitations as well as the advantages of the product(s) recommended* 

I feel that you did a thorough job in helping me understand investment risk and my attitude towards risking my own money * 

I understand how the advice I received meets my financial needs and objectives* 

If I cancelled a policy, connected with advice, I received an explanation of the pros and cons of this in plain language* 

I have received a letter providing me with a clear explanation of the advice I received* 

I have been made aware of other financial planning areas that might need reviewing at some time in the future* 

I am aware of any ongoing advice service I can expect to receive and how this will be paid for* 

Please provide any additional comments that you may wish to make:  

I would be prepared to introduce my friends, family and colleagues to you*