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Putting long term planning in place

When running a business can so often mean that future planning consists of working out how to get through the next 12 months, planning for exiting the business or contingency plans for tragedies or even looking into the best employee pension schemes can easily be neglected.  This can leave company directors in difficult situations when they do come to the end of their time running the business or when something unexpected happens, so it is worth having such long term planning in place.

Our experienced corporate services team work with businesses to put long term planning in place. This includes looking into the most appropriate pension schemes, helping mitigate tax and working with directors to put a strategy in place to allow them to retire.  We can look at various aspects of your business to help you establish the most effective strategy to protect it going into the future and so the directors have a plan for exiting the business in a manner that suits them and the business going forward.

As part of our services to businesses, we also offer help with pensions including trustee schemes and corporate pensions as well as advising on retirement options. 

We also work with shareholders who want to plan for what happens to their shares after they pass away and with businesses who want to find the most appropriate employee benefits to attract and retain the right staff for their operation.  All the advice we give to businesses is based on in depth conversations with the directors about their aspirations for the future and a thorough understanding of how the business works.  We do the research into the best options for your business and talk you through all your options to allow you to make simple but fully informed decisions on the best solutions to secure your business’s future.

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