Corporate Planning

For a company to have a secure future, directors and shareholders need to have that slightly unpleasant conversation about what would happen if one of them were to die suddenly.  Not only that, they will also need to think about if there are members of staff the business would struggle to continue without to put measures in place to help the business carry on if anything should happen to that person.  Fortunately, corporate planning isn’t all about people passing away but rather about putting appropriate protections in place as well as investing business funds and looking at strategies for director remuneration.  When we work with corporate clients, we take the time to learn exactly how the business works and what the directors and shareholders’ plans are for the future so we can tailor our advice to their needs.

The loss of a key member of staff or shareholder can lead to all kinds of problems such as loans being recalled, customers stopping using the business, capacity being reduced or important skills and experience being lost.  Fortunately, there are a number of insurance options to help protect a business in the result of a death or long term illness as well as other kinds of business and shareholder protection.  Our team can see where your potential vulnerabilities are and help you choose the protection you need without paying over the odds for cover that isn’t necessary for your operation.

Another way we can help you secure the future of your business is through investment.  Investing as a business doesn’t just help to put money aside for the future, it can also help with tax mitigation which is another vital part of corporate planning.  By putting all these measures together, we can help you minimise the risk to your business and protect it for the future.

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