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When we advise people on personal finances, we make our service exactly that; personal.

Decisions on long term financial commitments like mortgages, pensions, investments and life and/or critical illness insurance have to be made based on a deep understanding of your circumstances and aspirations.  We know how emotive these issues can be, especially around inheritance planning and life insurance, so we make our recommendations from a human perspective as well as a financial one.

Our highly experienced team help everyone from first time home buyers to landlords with extensive property portfolios to find a mortgage to suit their needs.  Because we have access to the whole market of mortgages, we can find mortgages you are most likely to be accepted for and those that offer you the best available rates.

Similarly, with pension and investments, our very capable team look closely at your circumstances and can recommend complete retirement and inheritance strategies including various type of pensions, trusts, ISAs, etc. as well as single pensions or even reviews of pensions and investments to see if any changes could be made to help you make the most out of what you already have.

With life and/or critical illness cover, we often find we can help people get the cover they need without paying over the odds for cover they don’t need.

Obviously, no one can tell the future so we can also help people review the insurance cover they have in place to make sure it still meets their requirements.

Whether we are advising an experienced investor or someone taking out their first personal pension, we take the time to talk them through everything we have based our recommendations on and what the implications of our advice is so they can make a fully informed decision before going forward.

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