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Knowing who to trust when it comes to managing your investments, especially when large sums of money are involved, can be difficult.  That is why we work with fund managers we know well who have a track record of managing funds successfully.  Having worked with them over time, we know exactly where their strengths and specialisms are so we can recommend the right fund manager for the right client.

We know that people don’t have the time, specialist knowledge or inclination to manage their own investments as carefully as a professional fund manager but very clearly do benefit from having them managed in this way.  That’s why we place our clients’ investments in the hands of people we know have the training and experience to have the best chance of making the most of those investments.

Like all investments, those managed through fund managers carry a certain level of risk as even the most experienced fund manager cannot see the future of how investments will perform so there is a possibility that the funds’ values could go down instead of up, but they are well placed to make good decisions on which funds to invest in to minimise that risk.  Fund managers will also take into consideration what level of risk you are prepared to tolerate and invest your money accordingly.  They can also tailor their investing to other preferences such as ‘green investments’.

Whether you would benefit from investing your money through a fund manager will depend on a range of factors but they are typically recommended for people investing large amounts.  Which fund manager you use will also depend on how you want to invest, etc. so we thoroughly assess your situation and aspirations before recommending you use a fund manager and deciding which ones would be the most suitable to manage your investments.

Risk Warning: The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment

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