Growth and Income Portfolio Investments

People choose to invest in portfolios, either by putting them together themselves or by buying into one which has already been put together by experts, to avoid ‘putting all their eggs into one basket’.  We offer a wide range of options for portfolio investment so people can choose their preferred level of risk and invest in certain areas if desired.  For investors who already have portfolios, our experienced team can manage them to help you get the most out of them by monitoring how they are performing and making changes if necessary.

Which type of investment portfolio will be most suitable for you will depend on a number of different factors such as what you want to use it for.  Some people want to invest for the long term to give themselves money for retirement and others are investing for their children’s education or to save money for a deposit on a house.  When we advise people about portfolio investment, we also take their circumstances into consideration such as their income, whether they own property and have other investments etc. to find the most appropriate investments for them.

We also take people’s preferences into account as some people want to invest in certain things and avoid others for ethical reasons.  As portfolios can be made up of all kinds of investments such as equities, property, government bonds, etc. they spread the risk as widely as possible but different levels of risk still exist so investors can choose a high risk, high reward strategy or a lower risk, lower reward portfolio.  We take the time to make all investors aware of the associated risks as even the most diversified portfolio carries the risk that the value of the investments could go down as well as up but we endeavour to recommend portfolios where the risk is minimised as far as possible.

Risk Warning: The value of units can fall as well as rise, and you may not get back all of your original investment

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