Whether you are a first time buyer, an experienced property investor, buying a commercial property or someone looking to remortgage your property, the mortgage options available can be overwhelming.  It isn’t just that there are so many different mortgage providers out there offering different rates and terms and conditions, there are now so many different types of mortgages that you need to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start.  When we help our clients choose a mortgage, we do all the work of trawling through the various options for you to offer you the mortgage we believe would best suit your needs and which you are likely to be accepted for.

Because we have the advantage of being able to search the whole market and have access to exclusive mortgages that aren’t available to the public, we can help people get accepted for mortgages when they may otherwise have struggled, such as self-employed people.  Filling out the forms to apply for a mortgage can be quite difficult as it isn’t always obvious what information they are asking for so we can undertake that work for you as well as advising you on the most appropriate mortgage.  Before recommending any mortgage, we always talk you through all the implications of it and help you understand why we believe it is the best one for you.

For people coming to the end of their mortgage, it is tempting to simply renew with the same company but you could get a better rate elsewhere so we are always happy to help people who would like to remortgage to save money or to borrow more to pay for home improvements, etc.  As an independent business, we aren’t obliged to choose any mortgage company over another so can offer what we believe are the best mortgages on the market to suit our clients.

Risk Warning: Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage

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